Available for freestanding range.

Eurolinx, the local distributor of Ilve appliances in Australia, has confirmed that it now has the ability to create freestanding cooking appliances matching any of the 1,625 colours from the RAL colour chart.

The RAL colour chart is similar to the Pantone colour system and is used in Europe for varnish and powder coating manufacturing processes. Developed in Germany in 1927 with 40 distinct colours, the number of colours rose to 1,688 before being refined to 1,625 colours which are referred to by a seven-digit number.

Ilve head of design Carlo Illoti was in Sydney this week to make the announcement about the RAL colour matching feature for the range of major cooking appliances.

Ilve event

L to R: Ilve marketing manager, Daniel Bertuccio, Ilve brand ambassador Giovanni Pilu and Ilve head of design Carlo Illoti.

“If a consumer or an interior designer would like a special colour for their appliance then this is something that Ilve can now provide for the first time in the appliance market,” Illoti told Appliance Retailer.

“We have a special machine that allows us to mix colours to deliver up to 1625 different options using the RAL colour chart. This has been available before in other categories, but this is the first time this is available in the appliance category.

“We started this project for people that want cookers that no one else has – and if you multiply the number of products in the Ilve range, by the 1625 different colour variations, you can be sure that your products will be a one-of-a-kind cooking appliance in the world. This is not a vinyl wrap – it is baked enamel at 250 degrees so quality is assured.

“A customer may need to wait a little bit longer as it is a custom-made product from our factory and as result it will cost a little bit more as well, but we believe this provides Ilve with a distinct point of difference within the competitive cooking appliance category.”

Carlo Illotti was joined by Ilve global export sales manager, Antonio Ruffato, in Sydney this week for a series of meetings including a special dinner hosted by Ilve brand ambassador Giovanni Pilu at the Eurolinx showroom in Leichhardt.