By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: 3-D TV is finally here and with Telstra yesterday spruiking its 3-D point of purchase TV displays, it is actually Samsung Australia who is bringing the technology to living rooms at a starting price of $1,899 for a 42" plasma TV, with 100 Hz.

Telstra unveiled on Wednesday what it called ‘Australia’s first’ commercial installation of 3-D content and technology with Telstra CEO, Sol Trujillo, opening its Executive Briefing Centre in Melbourne.

Telstra is using the technology to grab consumers’ attention while they are handing over their money.

“The commercial use of 3-D technology and 3-D content to create attention-grabbing digital signage has great potential for Telstra’s enterprise and government customers,” said Telstra Enterprise and Government’s executive director – Convergent Sales, Paul Geason. “The technology lends itself to incredible new customer experiences.”

Telstra’s technology reportedly produces the 3-D effect without requiring the viewer to wear polarising glasses.

However, Samsung’s technology brings the fun to the loungeroom with its 450 Series Plasma, that the company is claiming to be a “world first 3-D ready plasma”.

It can also convert existing two dimensional DVD movies to the 3-D format. According to Samsung the 450 series TVs run software that is able to analyse the DVD footage in real time and add a 3-D effect. This software was developed for Samsung by DDD, which is a Perth-based company that has won the exclusive rights to develop and produce 3-D software and content for Samsung’s 450 Plasma TVs worldwide.

On top of this, Samsung is also claiming that the 450 Plasma is the first and only plasma television on the Australian market with ‘Real 100Hz’. This technology from Samsung increases the frame rate to 100 Hz by inserting additional frames for a smoother and more realistic display of motion.

The 450 Plasma is available through Australian retailers in 42-inch and 50-inch sizes and retails for $1,899 and $2,529 respectively.

“3-D TV used to be a dream – something you’d see in futuristic film or at a theme park,” said Erin Anderson – product manager CTV, Samsung Australia.

“The availability of 3-D content in games or movie format is growing quickly so we’re excited to plug the gap with Australia’s first 3-D Plasma TV. I was very pleasantly surprised when I first saw this 3-D big screen experience.”

3-D is predicted to be the next big frontier for TV and cinema with film studios like Pixar and Dreamworks as well as video game studios investing in developing 3-D entertainment content.

“3-D is here to stay, with Hollywood studios producing hugely successful 3-D movies for cinema audiences,” said DDD’s director of Content, Nic Beames.

“Right now, many of the most popular PC games can be experienced in 3-D, on Samsung’s 450 series Plasma TVs using DDD’s TriDef 3-D Experience software and available 3-D glasses,” said Beames.

The 450 Plasma also features a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio and Filterbright technology for a clear picture in a wide range of lighting situations. Samsung’s DNIe+ (Digital Natural Image Engine Plus) is also featured to enhance picture quality.