By James Wells

OSBORNE PARK: Good Guys Osborne Park proprietor, Mike Pritchard, has issued a statement this afternoon which states that he has announced his retirement.

“Officially I am retiring. I can’t comment any further. I am still here until the 4th of October but I can’t make a press comment as I am bound by the Muir laws,” Pritchard told referring to the restrictive nature of the Muir Electrical Co media policy.

“It comes with deep regret that I announce my retirement from Good Guys Osborne Park,” Pritchard said in his comment this afternoon.

“I would like to take this opportunity in thanking all manufacturers and representatives for there [sic] support. Good Guys Osborne Park in three years has been able to achieve unbelievable growth and this is mainly due to the fantastic staff that work at The Good Guys Osborne Park and our relationship with our manufacturers.

“I would like wish you all the very best of luck and continued success in future dealings with Good Guys Osborne Park.”