The breadth and depth of concurrent trends influencing home and housewares business has expanded exponentially under the influence of an increasingly empowered and informed consumer. In response, every channel and retailer must explore prevailing trends and assess marketing and merchandising potential, based on the evaluation of those trends.

HomePage News introduces the InSight Trend Index, an exclusive digital guide that explores emerging and enduring home and housewares trends through the products and innovations that embody them. This comprehensive and expansive report series was developed in partnership with Springboard Futures and its founder, industry trend authority, Tom Mirabile, who also serves as consumer and lifestyle trend analyst for the International Housewares Association and HomePage News.

The Springboard team explored influential trade shows in the US and abroad seeking home and housewares trends driven by global influences such as design, consumer lifestyle and functional/material innovation.

“The objective of these explorations is to provide both suppliers and retailers with actionable insight into those trends poised to inspire consumer spending and industry growth,” HomePage News editor-in-chief, Peter Giannetti said.

“True sea change events like the post-pandemic realignment are rare,” Mirabile said. “Still, trends resulting from these often present unique opportunities for reinvention and growth. This is when the ability to interpret and respond to trends will determine which businesses will thrive, and which will merely survive.”

The HomePage News InSight Trend Index will be rolled out on in a series of themed portfolios each week into the third quarter of 2023.