The future of Ultra HD, tablet displays, 3D printing and wearables for fun, health, education and training, will be revealed at IFA TecWatch. Featuring solutions for the interconnected home and growth of the Internet of Things, more than 50 exhibitors and partners from 15 countries will be dominating IFA with their expertise.


International organisations and alliances are also set to make their own contributions to this topic, and among them are home automation company, Z-Wave, and non-profit consortium dedicated to the Internet of Everything, Allseen Alliance.

The web and broadcasting meet on screen, merging seamlessly with technologies based on the HbbTV standard. IFA TecWatch will present innovations that also involve tablet displays as a second screen.

The future of broadcasting, DVB-T2, is the latest generation of terrestrial television. It is being introduced in Germany with highly efficient HEVC video coding and has been developed for Ultra HD.

TecWatch will also demonstrate solutions in the field of sound. The Future of Ultra HD will introduce technologies for HDR (High Dynamic Range) and extended colour spaces. A number of demonstrations will show how Ultra-HD sequences can be transferred from a large screen to a tablet.

In addition to printer hardware, there will be software solutions for 3D printing for creating templates as well as scanners for analysing objects. For example, one of the wearables that will be on display is the running shoe with a built-in sensor, which registers every single step and supplies all the information required for a digital training program.

By Emily Bencic