Siemens is certainly showing off some muscle as it brings over 170 product innovations to the Berlin fair as the company debuts its first complete range of connected products.

Appliance Retailer’s Simon King says one of the key highlights was what Siemens billed as the first connected refrigerator with an interior camera, as well as the new Siemens sensoFresh technology, for fresh laundry without the usage of water.

Siemens Hausgeräte chief executive, Roland Hagenbucher said, “Connectivity is the new form of organisation in the 21st Century. It is already pervading broad areas of life today as an invisible infrastructure and making many things possible in the home that were previously inconceivable.”

Siemens is inviting visitors to IFA to immerse themselves in this new world through its connected apartment at the stand.

By using a tablet and an LED wall, the living room opens out to create a link between the home and the outside world. IFA visitors find themselves in the middle of a new “more independent way of living – for a life more independent,” according to the company.


AEG chose connectivity as one of the top themes for its stand at IFA, particularly in the washing and cooking category, as it showcased appliances with smart functions. The company’s presentation focused on the theme of “leading in taste and care”.

For additional connectivity and support, the My AEG app, has also made its debut in Berlin, which will be available for IOS and Android devices from January 2016.

Electrolux head of major appliances, EMEA, Jonas Samuelson, said, “The My AEG app is able to connect with the ProCombi Plus Smart steam oven, which features a camera and Wi-Fi access, and will be available from 2016.”

“For laundry, the app gives tips on gentle washing for anyone who wants their clothes to feel as good as new for a long time. My AEG guides users through the jungle of care symbols and gives laundry advice to suit the fabric type of each garment,” he added.

According to Samuelson, “The biggest challenge facing manufacturers is being able to launch innovative products at a price consumers are willing to pay.

“We only bring in new innovations if 70% of consumers testing our products state that they would replace their existing appliance with the new product. If it’s less than 70%, we will relook at it before sending the product to consumer testing.”



Turkish brand Beko said its “consumer-centric and eco-conscious approach” was reflected in various new products at IFA.

Beko Germany product manager, Patric Gores said, among the new products was the built-in dishwasher (DUN28331X), the first and only dishwasher to offer an AutoDosing feature.

Gores said the dishwasher automatically doses detergent, which ensures that only the required amount is used during the wash cycle – saving both the environment and money.

Another energy saving product is the new 9kg Beko washing machine (WTE9734XC), which is rated A+++, but consumes 70% less energy than any other washing machine in its class, according to Gores.


Chinese brand Haier has showcased an array of innovations across its wide product portfolio at IFA.

Haier Europe chief executive, Yannick Fierling, unveiled the new Intelius 2.0, a 12kg capacity washing machine with an A+++, which offers a 50% energy efficiency rating.

“The screen can be used to activate a choice of 26 washing programs (16 washing programs for 686 Series, 26 washing programs for 696 Series),” Fierling said.

A key innovation in this washing machine is the light circle integrated around the door that enables users to check the status of their washing and drying cycle.

The Haier Duo washing machine has made its debut at IFA, with a dual drum washing machine, (the first of its kind), an excellent A+++, 30% energy efficiency rating and can be easily managed via a digital user interface, with internet connectivity allowing users to operate the remote control via a mobile device.

In refrigeration, Haier unveiled the Cube Series fridge freezers which can be divided into three compartments: a top-half refrigerator compartment, a freezer compartment in the bottom left and a further 100-litre independent compartment in the bottom right, with variable temperature control between -20°C and +5°C.

“This ultra-flexible compartment allows users to customise quantities and temperatures to suit their needs exactly as required. For example, it can be configured to create a traditional top/bottom fridge/freezer setup, or alternatively to offer a bigger refrigerator, with 25% additional refrigeration space,” Fierling stated.