At its press conference ahead of the official opening of IFA 2023 in Berlin, Bosch presented its new inclined rangehoods that are super quiet and extremely powerful with innovative filter technology.

The Series 6 and Series 8 inclined hoods claim to be the quietest and most powerful in Europe at 59dB on power level three – relative to a regular conversation – and only produce 51dB in exhaust mode. The Series 4 and Series 2 models are also quiet at 62dB and 69dB respectively.

The Series 8 models offer two additional intensity level for air extraction up to 964m3/hour, while the other series have one additional intensity level to clear food odours faster. The Clean Air Plus Odour filter in Series 4, 6 and 8 models has an anti-fish and market-first anti-pollen function to absorb pollen and dust to an extremely high degree.

When linked to the Home Connect app, users can benefit from automatic use of the rangehood if a compatible cooktop is available.

The new super quiet Bosch inclined rangehoods on the Bosch stand at IFA.

Thanks to Smart Hood Automatic, cooktop settings are sent directly to the rangehood, which then regulates power levels automatically and autonomously. In addition, Series 8 models have a Favourite button that can be programmed using the Home Connect app. Two favourites can be set up and activated by short or long press.

The Series 2 hoods (60cm and 80cm) will be available in Germany from September 2023. Series 4 (60cm and 80cm), Series 6 (80cm) and Series 8 (90cm) models will be available from December 2023.