Beko is helping consumers save thousands of litres of water annually with its SaveWater dishwasher and laundry products and AquaTech feature on selected washing machines, significantly reducing water usage.

The SaveWater tumble dryer is patented technology that collects water during the drying cycle and stores it in a specially designed tank. This water can then be reused in the next washing cycle, saving up to 5.2 litresof water per cycle – or one out of every 12 washes.

The SaveWater dishwasher saves water by storing it from the last rinse phase in the dishwasher’s tank, which can then be reused in the beginning of the next wash, saving up to 2.6 litresof water per cycle.

Together, SaveWater technology can save up to 7.8 litres of water per cycle.

Beko’s AquaTech washing machines use water to clean clothes more thoroughly and gently without longer wash cycles. AquaTech has a special paddle system that distributes detergent evenly throughout the drum, ensuring clothes are clean and fresh every time.

A sensor positions the paddle at the top of the drum. This creates a direct waterfall of water onto clothes, which enhances washing performance. The smart algorithm is finely tuned for the Eco 40-60 program and can adapt to various load sizes.

AquaTech promises more efficient washes and shorter cycles that deliver soft and refreshed clothes, while achieving energy savings of up to 50%.