Electrolux Group, under the AEG brand, has unveiled its most resource-efficient appliance range at IFA 2023, the AEG EcoLine – a dedicated selection of the company’s most resource-efficient appliances across product categories.

The AEG EcoLine is designed to help consumers reduce their climate impact, while providing high quality performance.

According to Electrolux Group’s science-based approach and Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), approximately 85% of the global climate impact of an appliance, during its lifespan, is generated when it’s in use. All models within AEG EcoLine have been designed to be used at their top efficiency every day while meeting the brand’s strongest energy label ratings.

“Technological innovation is at the heart of every model within AEG EcoLine with functions designed to make life of consumers more enjoyable while making it easy to take more sustainable choices. Resource efficiency and performance without compromise is what consumers want and it’s what AEG EcoLine delivers,” Electrolux Group CEO – Europe, Chris Braam said.

“We chose IFA 2023 to present the AEG EcoLine selection to an international audience because of its important role in highlighting innovation. AEG EcoLine is a significant step forward in making resource-efficient models stand out when people are looking for an appliance in-store or online.”

Within laundry, AEG EcoLine washing machines have an energy rating better than the best European A rating on the market with resource saving features such as AutoDose to save detergent and UltraWash to clean efficiently at 30 degrees Celsius, while saving 30% energy. AEG EcoLine tumble dryers with heat pump technology can save up to 68% more energy compared to a traditional dryer.

In cooking, AEG EcoLine ovens retain minerals and vitamins while using up to 20% less energy when cooking with steam. The steam cleaning function saves up to 95% energy compared to pyrolytic cleaning.

Within home care, the new AEG 7000 cordless vacuum cleaner is made with up to 70% recycled plastic and when using Auto Mode, it can save up to 47% energy and prolong runtime. 

Other appliances in the AEG EcoLine include hobs, hoods, dishwashers, freestanding cookers and air purifiers.