TCL was the first to launch Mini LED into the Australian market and it continues to be a focus for the brand with the addition of an 85- and 98-inch model in 2023.

“We are seeing increased demand for QLED and Mini LED technology with consumers willing to spend a bit extra, even when we have a strong value proposition with our LED TVs. The blacks are blacker, there’s a bigger array of colours and improved contrast between the colours,” TCL general manager of sales, Jason Carrick told Appliance Retailer on the TCL stand at IFA in Berlin.

“Screen sizes of 65-inch and above are a big focus for TCL and our retail partners are expanding heavily into 85-inch and above by allocating more space on the shop floor for ultra-large screens. We currently have a 98-inch QLED TV in the market and it’s performing very well. On the back of its success, it will be available in more stores around the country.

“With our latest Mini LED TVs, TCL Europe is determining whether it’s launched in 4K or 8K, but TCL Australia will most likely launch 4K to make it more appealing to customers due to the challenges with 8K content. Although 8K essentially provides better picture quality, it will add a huge cost.

“Pricing is yet to be confirmed but we aim to offer the 98-inch TV at a very competitive price point of around $9,999.”

TCL’s Jason Carrick with The Cinema Wall.

TCL also previewed The Cinema Wall on its stand at IFA – a 136-inch Micro LED TV with 32 individual panels.

“It’s physically impossible to move one whole screen of this size so it is broken up into sections that are connected during installation. With this particular Micro LED display, there are 8.2 million pixels and within each pixel, there’s RGB to deliver precise colour. Australian pricing is yet to be announced but it is expected to be 100,000 Euros,” Carrick said.