Samsung Australia vice president – consumer electronics, Jeremy Senior led a booth tour of the company’s stand at IFA, where he explained Samsung’s future plans for home appliances under the Bespoke Home category.

This followed an exclusive interview with Senior who shared the key messages from Samsung’s IFA press conference about ‘creating a smarter home for a better future’.

“We understand consumers want us to be doing more to protect the environment, but they also want products that add value to their lives and fit in with their desired décor,” Senior told a small group of Australian media representatives on Samsung’s booth.

“Bespoke is the epitome of bringing together design and personalisation to life. The best example of Bespoke in terms of functionality is refrigeration because not only can you choose the number of compartments, but you can also determine the colour to bring your personality to life. When we look at Bespoke, it stands out in refrigeration, but we also have air purifiers and vacuum cleaners.

“The cooking category is a huge part of the product portfolio in Europe and North America and we see cooking as a natural extension of Bespoke in Australia. As we continue to bring more Bespoke appliances into the local market, we would imagine cooking may follow.

“The Bespoke Infinite line is a premium statement about what Bespoke can be. Understanding the consumers that are buying into that type of product and price point, they are looking for more than just a fridge that stores food and drinks.

“For example, Samsung’s wine cabinet uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to catalogue and recommend wines. More people are using apps like Vivino to record the wines being consumed and smart technology is increasingly coming into the culinary space.

“The Samsung AirDresser has been available in Australia for some time now and the ShoeDresser, which is currently available in various overseas markets, will be considered for Australia in the future as the technology and form factor evolves. The ShoeDresser steams and sterilises shoes and can dry them if wet,” he said.