Samsung Electronics Australia is expanding the availability of its Micro LED technology to Australian consumers.

With the option of three screen sizes – 89-, 101- and 110-inch – customers can inquire about the Micro LED through Samsung’s online store to receive pricing information and product support.

Samsung’s Micro LED uses inorganic micrometre-sized LED chips that are slimmer than the width of a human hair to eliminate the backlight and colour filters utilised in conventional displays, with each microscopic RGB LED emitting pure light and colour.

The display is self-illuminating, producing lifelike colours and brightness through its 24 million individually controlled, ultra-precise LEDs. The display also supports 20-bit greyscale depth which means that the Micro LED can deliver a true High Dynamic Range (HDR) experience through the finest control over one million steps of brightness and colour levels.

“Samsung’s state-of-the-art MICRO LED display delivers breathtaking visual experience on an ultra-large next-generation screen. As the market leader in TV for more than 16 years, Samsung continues to redefine the role of the TV and digital display in the home and the experiences that these products can deliver. We’re thrilled to introduce the Samsung Micro LED to our residential customers in 2022,” Samsung Electronics Australia vice president – consumer electronics, Jeremy Senior said.

In 2018, Samsung introduced Micro LED in the form of The Wall – a configurable system of modules that can reach 292-inches that required professional installation for commercial environments. In 2022, Samsung brings Micro LED technology in the form factor of a traditional TV experience to homes.

“With superb brightness, deep blacks, and breathtaking image quality, Micro LED technology offers a ground-breaking viewing experience. Australian customers are now able to personally experience how Samsung’s design and innovation teams have reimagined the in-home display with Micro LED, representing the pinnacle of our consumer range and represents the future of display technology,” Senior added.

Micro LED displays feature Art Mode to display artwork or digital photography when the TV is not in use, Smart Hub putting content discovery at the heart of the display, and Arena Sound offering an immersive audio experience with top, side, and bottom channel speakers.

Thanks to the in-built 4Vue (Quad View) feature, the Micro LED display can be transformed into four-screens-in-one, enabling consumers to watch up to four sources of content simultaneously.