Miele has developed a new steam oven with HydroClean self-cleaning function which made its debut at IFA in Berlin.

The HydroClean function uses a specially formulated liquid cleaner that is poured into the strainer in the base of the oven which is automatically mixed with fresh water, pumped to the top of the oven interior and sprayed uniformly around the cavity by an impeller – similar to that of a dishwasher – to soften and remove soiling.

The procedure is repeated automatically several times before the foam is rinsed and drained, and then completed with a short drying phase. Coarser soil can be wiped out in a similar way to residue left behind after pyrolytic cleaning. It is recommended that the HydroClean function is used every three months or more often if the oven is frequently used for roasting and grilling.

Another key feature of the HydroClean oven is CombiCooking which combines conventional heating modes with additional moisture. Individual stages of cooking can be defined by adjusting parametres such as operating mode, temperature, time and moisture, or users can choose from more than 200 automatic programs for meat, rice, bread or desserts.

GourmetRoasting ensures tender and succulent meat by cooking gently at a low temperature over an extended period of time. The additional moisture helps improve cooking and browning results.

Miele Mix & Match provides support with menu planning by suggesting combinations of up to three different ingredients and recommending how to cook the dish. A selection of ingredients and suggestions are provided by the Miele app.