Miele has showcased new products in its cooktop and oven ranges, as well as a new generation of refrigerators during its press conference at IFA in Berlin.

Miele announced two new additions to its two-in-one induction hob range featuring a new fan system. The KMDA 7272 Silence and the KMDA 7473 Silence draw in moisture, grease and odours via a centrally positioned downdraught extractor more forcefully than predecessor models.

The hobs can transport up to 610m3 of air per hour (vented mode), yet the sound during operation is 30% lower compared to predecessor models – making them the quietest on the market according to the company.

Two-in-one hobs offer a choice between air venting and recirculation. In vented mode, steam and vapours are drawn in and filtered by the grease filter and blown outside the building via flat ducting and a wall vent. In recirculation mode, the two-in-one passes air first through a grease filter and an active charcoal filter.

The new Silence hobs see the active charcoal filter now located next to the grease filter for easy and fast replacement when needed. With this new approach to extraction, Miele is offering an additional Plug & Play recirculation version for greater flexibility for planning and installation.  

In the cooktop category, Miele has added a special coating to its ceramic glass screen on its premium models. The DiamondFinish is one of the most resilient surface finishes on the market, being twice as hard as conventional ceramic glass and is scratch-resistant. The type of surface damage which occurs through cleaning with abrasive sponges is reduced by 70% and scratches caused by grit and sand are reduced by 95%.

Miele is also upgrading its entry-line oven model from the H2000 series with the addition of obsidian black glass, 15 automatic programs and EasyControl Plus with two newly designed rotary selectors with an aluminium bezel, text display and additional sensor controls for more intuitive navigation. All models can be connected to the Miele app and select models offer pyrolytic cleaning.

Miele then presented a new generation of freestanding refrigerators designed to reduce food waste while offering the convenience of interchangeable zones.

The new K 4000 generation with PerfectFresh Active helps fruit and vegetables stay fresh for five times longer than in a conventional vegetable drawer guaranteed through a combination of the right temperature and humidity. The active moisturising system produces a fine mist of water that settles on food and protects quality and vitamins – similar to what is used in supermarkets.

The fine aerosol is sprayed directly into the drawer every 90 minutes and every time the door is opened. The tank requires a capacity of 120ml of water and takes up minimal space. Thanks to the low temperatures, there is no bacterial growth which means the tank only needs to be refilled every two to three months.

The K 4000 delivers high-end insulation with a core made from silica (silicic acid), a substance of organic origin with good environmental credentials. With the use of this high-quality insulation material, Miele guarantees high-level energy efficiency throughout the products lifecycle.

With the new Freeze&Cool top feature, the freezer compartment can be converted to a refrigerator compartment as required. The temperature can either be set to between -25°C and -15°C for freezing food or, as an extension of the refrigerator compartment, to -2°C to 14°C.