LG Electronics unveiled its MoodUp refrigerator with colour-changing LED door panels at IFA in Berlin, following its debut at an exclusive media event before the show kicked off.

With LED door panels, households can choose from various colours for both the upper and lower compartments, giving them the ability to change the look of their fridge and refresh the ‘mood’ of the kitchen.

When asked what the reaction has been from the Australia buyers, LG general manager – home appliances, Frank Malcaus said the feedback was overwhelming.

“Retailers have absolutely loved it. The biggest problem is they are trying to work out where to put it. Do they put in the fridge section of the store or right in the middle at the front of the store because it’s going to attract a lot of different customers. It’s going to make a refrigerator environment exciting and gravitate people straight there,” he told Appliance Retailer.

Malcaus has confirmed there will be two sizes of the Mood fridge launched in Australia – a 700 litre and a 900 litre French Door configuration – following successful selling sizes already in market.

And he claims there is a good reason why there are no RRPs available at this stage.

“The first we heard about this was two weeks ago. We are already trying to get some pricing from headquarters and see how quickly we can get it to the country. Every retailer so far we’ve shown it to absolutely wants it – even TV category managers have come in here saying ‘that’s a game changer’. And home appliances aren’t even their responsibility. Our senior product planning director from HQ stated this project has been three to four years in the making and we’re proud of it.”