LG held an exclusive media event at a venue called Can in Berlin to showcase its new MoodUp refrigerators with colour-changing LED door panels.

Kandy Johnson from Stink Studios in New York organised the event in Berlin.

“There are two models showcased tonight – one is called Basic which is the four fridges behind the bar and there are also two InstaView fridges where you knock twice, and you can see right through the fridge,” Johnson said.

For this event, LG has partnered with NTS Radio from London which is a globally recognised radio station selected to curate the music for the event. NTS DJ Louise Chen was selected for the entire evening.

“Every 25 minutes, the music, the lights, the menu and the entire mood rotates and changes for the event. The three themes are Roots, Island and Skye,” Johnson said.

“Everything for each mood was carefully curated so the menu and music all has a similar mood, so the event is an immersive experience.”

An already sold-out public event in the same location will be held on Saturday.