Bosch has debuted its new Series 8 premium ovens with Steam Function Plus at its press conference at IFA in Berlin.

Steam Function Plus cooks foods up to 35% faster than pure steam cooking by combining 120 degrees Celsius hot air and steam, while preserving the food’s appearance and nutrients.

This is accompanied by a new Air Fry function which allows users to place food on the Air Fry & Grill sheet developed by Bosch and available as an accessory, select the function and enter the desired temperature.

Bosch has also improved its PerfectRoast Plus roasting thermometer with three measuring points for more accurate results. When the final temperature is pre-selected, it can predict when the food will be finished cooking thanks to the Home Connect app.

The PerfectBake Plus baking sensor has also been enhanced. It constantly measures the oxygen level of the air inside the oven and when a cake is ready, the oven stops the process via an automatic shut-off function. The baking process can be monitored and controlled remotely in the app and thanks to the built-in camera, users can also take a look inside the oven remotely.

From a design standpoint, the ovens feature a new large touch display with digital control ring making it simpler and more intuitive to operate.

Bosch also launched its new Series 8 washing machines with i-Dos automatic dosing system. The new Mini Load option shortens the cycle time of the previously selected wash program to save time, water and energy when washing small loads. With the Iron Assist program, dry clothing is smoothed in about 20 minutes and wrinkles are reduced by up to 50%.

The accompanying Series 8 heat pump dryer features a built-in, maintenance-free Self-Cleaning Condenser which is rinsed with condensation water during operation to ensure high levels of efficiency over the product lifecycle.

When the Speed Perfect option is selected with the cotton program for example, the program runs more than 35% faster which means a 9kg load is dry in less than three hours. If paired with the Home Connect app, the dryer can communicate with the washing machine to determine the right program and adapt the duration accordingly. A new digital control ring in the centre of the control panel is combined with a large easy-to-read display.

Bosch board member, Christian Thess introducing the new built-under dishwashers.

In the dishwasher category, Bosch unveiled a new built-under model with Comfort Control. The operating panel with LED display and touch control buttons is integrated into the top edge of the door and is the same colour as the appliance for a seamless look. There is also a status display at the top of the dishwasher for users to easily track the program.

There is a choice of seven programs with six additional options including the Speed Perfect+ program for a shorter wash. When used in conjunction with the Home Connect app, the dishwasher can automatically determine the ideal program for the most efficient wash possible.

Bolstering its floorcare line-up, Bosch is launching the Unlimited 7 Pro Hygienic Aqua two-in-one vacuum cleaner and mop with powerful spinning pads that rotate 180-degrees to effectively remove dirt on all hard floors. The AllFloor Dynamic head can be used to vacuum carpets and other non-water-resistant surfaces. When mopping, users can stop or increase the water supply manually or use Boost mode to tackle more stubborn stains.