AEG is launching a new laundry range with innovations designed to save energy and water.

With four tiers of washing machines in the range – 6000S ProSense, 7000S ProSteam, 8000S PowerCare and 9000S AbsoluteCare – new features include SoftWater that filters and purifies the water it uses and PowerClean program that can clean clothes efficiently and remove stains at only 30 degrees Celsius.

The 25-minute SteamRefresh program steams garments instead of washing them using 96% less water than a regular wash cycle – just two litres versus 50 litres. An add-on filter for washing machines can catch up to 90% of microplastic fibres released by synthetic clothing.

Unique to AEG is the UniversalDose drawer designed for all types of detergents. With a patented design, all detergents are effectively dissolved, including PODS and capsules, even during short washes or low temperatures.

A new range of tumble dryers have also been developed to minimise energy use. Thanks to 3D scan technology, the dryer ‘scans’ the garments to identify humidity levels inside the items ensuring they are evenly dried.

With the new SyncDry feature, the washing machine and dryer can communicate with one another.

This waterfall feature represented how much water you can save with new AEG ProSteam technology. If every visitor at IFA would steam their clothes instead of washing over the next 12 months, it would save the equivalent of two million showers or as much as the daily water consumption of 800,000 people. It would also save 30 seconds of water passing through Niagara Falls.