Bosch has presented new product innovations at IFA in Berlin with improved performance and greater efficiency aimed at a better quality of life as consumers spend more time in their homes.

Induction cooktops the most scratch-resistant to date

With a GlassProtect surface, Bosch has presented the first induction cooktop with a special coating developed by glass manufacturer, Schott that is even more resistant to scratches caused by sand or sponges. When compared to conventional glass-ceramic cooktops with no special coating, this cooktop is 95% more resistant to scratches caused by sand and about 70% more resistant to scratches caused by abrasive sponges.

The GlassProtect cooktop is part of the accent line carbon black product family available in ComfortProfile or flush-mounted model. Both variants have a multi-purpose Flexinduction zone and three standard cooking zones, as well as PerfectFry frying sensor for reliable temperature control that preserves vitamins and is gentle on cookware. With the Home Connect app, the extractor hood can be controlled via the cooktop.

AI added to Series 8 ovens

Bosch is releasing its first Series 8 sensor-supported oven that predicts when baked goods and roasts will be done based on the preparation of the food in the oven. This enhances Bosch’s patented PerfectBake sensor and PerfectRoast meat probe with machine learning.

For example, when the oven is used to bake a tarte flambée, perfect results are guaranteed by selecting the right PerfectBake plus sensor program. The oven will also use artificial intelligence (AI) to let the user know when the tarte will be ready. As its baking, the measured values by the sensor are sent via Home Connect to a cloud computing system. Data is plugged into a forecasting model based on anonymised data from previous baking processes in the tarte flambée category. The model is applied to the current process every 30 seconds so the end point of the baking process can be sent to the oven.

This will give consumers more opportunity to tailor recipes and receive reliable predictions for a tarte recipe that may have a higher moisture content based on the topping or a different dough consistency.

Enhanced design and new clean zone in PerfectDry dishwashers

Bosch is launching a new range of PerfectDry dishwashers with an additional basket to cater more dishes and an innovative Extra Clean Zone to ensure more efficient cleaning with improved results.

The basket system comes with new pull-out systems, silicon elements in the upper basket for glasses and an extra-wide DosageAssist detergent dispenser for tablets to dissolve even more efficiently. The dishwashers have or can be retrofitted with an additional third basket above the upper basket to boost capacity by 25% and is designed for small items like espresso cups, small bowls, wire whisks and larger cooking utensils. The basket can be removed to accommodate long-stem wine glasses or tall beer glasses.

The Extra Clean Zone has been designed for dishes with dried-on food. Positioned at the front of the upper basket, three rotating nozzles continuously spray dishes with water, and the feature can be switched on or off directly at the nozzles as required.

The PerfectDry dishwashers also feature Bosch’s Zeolith drying technology to extract moisture and release heat for an energy-saving and efficient drying process, particularly for plastic dishes.

The new dishwashers can be monitored and operated using the Home Connect app. There is a ‘Silence on Demand’ feature to reduce the noise level to a minimum for a period of 30 minutes. Frequently used programs and settings can also be saved and activated at the touch of a button either via the app or directly on the dishwasher. The dishwashers can also be controlled by voice in conjunction with Home Connect, Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Washer/dryers more convenient than ever

Bosch is introducing new washer/dryers in Series 6 and 4 that combine different laundry care functions in a single appliance, including washing and drying as well as de-wrinkling and freshening up with steam.

The Series 6 washer/dryers can wash and dry up to 6kg of laundry without interruption by simply putting clothing items in the drum, activating the appliance and retrieving the items in a couple of hours. The top of the range model can wash up to 10kg. The EcoSilence Drive motor ensures that noise is no issue.

The Hygiene Care program offers extra hygiene by pre-treating the laundry with air heated to as high as 65 degrees Celsius to kill germs and bacteria. The laundry is then washed at the temperature appropriate for the type of fabric. Some models also come with an AllergyPlus program to wash items more thoroughly to remove allergens like pollen or soap residue for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

Iron Assist uses steam to remove wrinkles from suit jackets, shirts and blouses, to either minimise or eliminate the need for ironing. It can also be used to freshen up items of clothing. AutoDry sensor technology ensures that laundry is dried to the desired degree by measuring the remaining moisture content and gently drying the laundry to the precise level of dryness.

The AntiStain systems treats four common types of stains – blood, butter/oil/grass and red wine – for thorough cleaning during the wash cycle.