Thanks to new technology.

The Miele Dialog oven uses electromagnetic waves that intelligently respond to the texture of food, allowing users to cook different food, such as salmon and puff pastry, simply, fast and in only one single operation. The foods will finish cooking at exactly the same time and up to 70% faster than conventional cooking methods. The oven will be launched in Germany and Austria in April 2018 and at a later date in Australia.

At the Miele press conference, the cooking method was demonstrated using an uncooked fillet of fish embedded in a block of ice which were placed in the Dialog oven. The fish inside the ice is cooked whilst the ice itself remains frozen. Alternatively, a leg of lamb on a bed of vegetables consisting of red peppers and green asparagus with potato wedges and in just 45 minutes, the lamb comes out succulent and evenly cooked, the vegetables are slightly al dente and the potatoes soft – without any interruption or the need to introduce additional ingredients.

Speaking to Appliance Retailer, Miele executive director, Dr Reinhard Zinkann (pictured below) said, “Our Dialog oven revolutionises cooking. It is a result of six years of ground-breaking research of technology and is an enormous step forward. We are very glad to have it now. I think it will change a lot in the kitchen but it will take time. We started a journey today and that journey will be a long one.”

M Chef technology from Miele applies electromagnetic waves to the food which creates heat for cooking. The Dialog oven features a modular unit which generates electromagnetic waves in a specific frequency range and distributes these in the oven via two antennas. As the molecules in food are arranged in different ways and even rearrange during the course of cooking, continuous adjustment of the frequency supports the cooking process. The same antennas also provide the Dialog oven with feedback on the amount of energy which has been absorbed by food.

M Chef technology is always combined with radiant heat so the Dialog oven offers many features of Miele’s flagship cooking products, including a user-friendly M Touch display and pyrolytic self-cleaning. Elegant and uniform illumination on all levels is guaranteed for the first time by high-quality LED lighting, BrilliantLight.

The recipe feature included in the Miele@mobile app offers numerous automatic programmes developed specifically for the oven. Alongside food preparation videos and shopping lists, the app also allows the parameters of a recipe to be transferred directly to the machine.

For greater personalisation, there are two options open to experienced chefs. ‘Gourmet Pro’ is intended for users with a certain amount of experience and those who like to experiment. In this instance, all parameters such as operating mode, Gourmet Units, intensity and cooking times must be selected manually. The ‘Gourmet Assistant’ supports the chef by suggesting settings dependent on the type and quantity of food to ensure excellent results.