Champions sponsorship of FIFA World Cup.

Hisense showcased its latest Series 8 and Series 9 ULED TVs, as well as up and coming TV innovation.
The Series 8 is available in 55 inch and the Series 9 is available in 65 inch. Hisense Australia head of marketing, Andre Iannuzzi said, “IFA allows us to show what is currently available to the market and we have been receiving a huge amount of support from our retail partners with these TVs.” The Series 6 TVs were also on display with 4K and UHD technology.

Hisense Series 8 and Series 9 TVs

“We are also excited about Laser TV with short throw projection and I believe we have the only short throw projector with 4K technology. It has a very long life span of up to 100,000 hours and this product is currently under consideration for the Australian market,” he said.

FIFA World Cup mascot with Andre Iannuzzi from Hisense

“We are working on the evolution of our top-of-the line Series 9 product. Currently, our Series 9 TVs offer 2,200 nits of brightness – the brightest LED/LCD TV in Australia. We will be changing the conversation, because as a manufacturer of LED/LCD TVs, maintaining, growing and maturing the evolution of technology is important. The best way for us to do that is to increase the amount of zones that are in the TV. So what we are doing is closing the gap on OLED TV as a core technology. The key product for us is the Series 9 with 240 zones but next year, we will be introducing a product with 1,000 zones (pictured below), which has never been done before. It is totally unique to Hisense. More details will be made available next year,” he explained.

Earlier this year, Hisense was confirmed as an official television sponsor of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. There will be global marketing and advertising activity with details to be confirmed.