Controlled via Amazon Alexa.

The first robotic vacuum cleaner from Bosch is a veritable power pack which combines impressive cleaning performance with effortless navigation. Using the Home Connect app, Roxxter can be configured and controlled from anywhere in the world.

The robotic vacuum cleaner scans its environment and creates its own map of the entire home. As well as displaying this information to the user in the Home Connect app, the map is also interactive. The RoomSelect function enables the user to select and activate individual rooms on the digital map. If certain areas are not to be cleaned, these can be marked as ‘no-go zones’ on the map. This prevents the need to manually mark off blocked areas with magnetic tape or navigation towers.

Thanks to an innovative laser system Roxxter detects and skillfully avoids even the smallest of obstacles. Low steps and door thresholds up to a height of 2cm can be easily overcome. Its intelligent navigation software enables the compact robot to vacuum metre by metre.

Operation via Home Connect offers a range of possibilities; not only can Roxxter be started up remotely, it can also be switched off again, and cleaning schedules can be created for the entire week. Or if you prefer, this hardworking vacuum cleaner can also be controlled directly. A single tap of the finger on the digital room map allows users to send the robot to specific areas for cleaning. The RoomSelect function can also be used to activate cleaning in whole rooms or combinations of rooms.

Roxxter is currently the only robotic vacuum cleaner that can be started, stopped and even sent to specific rooms via Amazon’s cloud-based voice control service, Alexa.

In a further practical feature, the functional scope of Bosch’s robotic vacuum cleaner can also be extended using commands from the IFTTT app ( For example, want the robotic vacuum cleaner pause when the telephone rings? Using the ‘If This Then That’ service, practical enhancements can be activated.

The optimised shape of Bosch’s robotic vacuum cleaner combines round and angular elements, which enables it to effortlessly access all corners of the room and clean particularly close to the edges of walls and furniture. To achieve the best cleaning results, the motor is located directly on the brush and always provides a strong performance thanks to powerful Bosch lithium ion batteries.

Roxxter is also equipped with a streaming camera, enabling this multifunctional helper’s owners to maintain a complete overview of everything that’s happening at home, even when they’re not there. The integrated camera features a manual shutter and can also be activated and controlled via the app.

Details on availability and pricing for the Australian market are yet to be confirmed.