For Series 6, Series 4 and Series 2.

Following on from the Series 8, Bosch is now introducing new Series 6 | 4 | 2 ovens and cookers, offering premium features including BoschAssist, the steam function and the PerfectRoast meat probe.

An internal study revealed that 82% of the consumers asked constantly keep an eye on the oven when cooking and baking in order to achieve the best result and 79% even make use of a range of cooking tricks, which are usually time-consuming but not very reliable. In light of this, Bosch has equipped its new ovens and cookers with assistance functions, meat probes and steam support, depending on the model.

There are up to 40 automatic AutoPilot programmes which independently determine the temperature, heating type and cooking time for a previously selected dish. A steam-assist function keeps many dishes, such as bread or meat roasts, crunchy and crisp on the outside, but soft and tender on the inside. Meanwhile, the meat probe measures the core temperature of the meat continuously and precisely, and indicates when it is cooked correctly. A wide range of heating types include the 3D hot air feature from Bosch, which distributes the heat throughout the oven quickly and evenly.

Around 51% of the consumers surveyed as part of a study find cleaning grease spatter and burnt-on stains from their ovens to be a more than tedious task. Consumers can now choose between several versions: with pyrolytic self-cleaning, the oven heats itself to up to 480 degrees Celsius, thus burning off all grease and dirt residues. Oven cleaning is also significantly easier with the EcoClean ceramic coating, either on all of the oven walls (EcoClean Direct Plus) or only the back wall of the oven (EcoClean Direct). EcoClean uses oxygen to break down grease naturally during the cooking process itself.

Furthermore, Bosch has equipped its new ovens and cookers with different operating systems and displays which are simple, user-friendly and clear to use. Series 6 has intuitive TFT touch displays with plain text display that enable the fast, intuitive selection of functions. In other models, clearly arranged LCD displays guide the user conveniently through the options, while in Series 4, the red LED displays guarantee a high degree of user-friendliness.

In addition to the classic telescopic pull-out, many models now also feature a no-tier version, which enables the stable and tilt-protected removal of the hot baking sheet or grille from the oven, and which can be used on all five tray levels.