Sony-ExtraBass Final without shoes

Expands Extra Bass series.

In 2015, Sony released an Extra Bass category, a speaker and headphone range that worked with EDM music. The SRS-XB2 wireless speaker, the SRS-XB3, the XB650 headphones and GTK-XB7 came in a variety of colours. “It has been exceptionally well-received so we decided to expand the range with the GTK-KB5 which offers an ‘in-between’ lightweight speaker solution,” Sony head of video and sound, Abek Makhraz said.

“The speakers can be paired as left or right or to double the volume, along with a wired option. It is ideal for parties and get-togethers, particularly with the built-in coloured and strobe lights, which can also be turned off. There is an extra bass button that can be turned off for users who want to listen to more relaxed music,” he said. It also comes in choice of colours.