AEG dishwasher

To reload brand.

AEG has a new, modern logo without the E-mark, a premium colour palette with a dark, charcoal background for a more distinctive and premium look and feel. The logo relaunch coincides with its new Mastery kitchen appliance range, which improves responsiveness and enhances control for the end-user.

The first product to be unveiled was the latest dishwasher with a one-of-a-kind feature. AEG head of product marketing in EMEA, Niels Munksgaard said: “The original dishwasher experience is an ergonomic nightmare because the heaviest items are placed at the bottom. At home, nobody volunteers to load the dishwasher, it’s always a fight over who is going to do it because it is not a pleasant activity due to constant bending over. From an experience design, how do we make it a more pleasurable experience? Here is our solution.” Rather than bending down, the heavy items come to the user. The lower basket of the dishwasher can be gently lifted for easy, ergonomic loading and unloading.

Also new is an oven that speaks to users like a waiter would at a restaurant, asking how the meat should be cooked – rare, medium or well done. The latest fridges have flexible door storage that can be customised according to individual needs and hands-free hood automatically adjust to cooking activity on the hob.