By James Wells

SYDNEY: Sharp Corporation of Australia has asked retailers to return three of its 42-inch Aquos LCD televisions after foam shielding casing around the electromagnetic components in a small number of units was found to have slipped.

According to Sharp Corporation of Australia, deputy managing director, Denis Kerr, there are three affected 42-inch Aquos LCD TV models – LC42BX5X, LC42GD7X and LC42PD7X.

“The foam sits in an area of the unit where its basic purpose is to insulate the electromagnetic emission area, so the fact that is has slipped out of that area is a concern,” Kerr told

“To assist us to effectively carry out our inspection, it is requested that all stock and demonstration units of LC42BX5X, LC42GD7X and LC42PD7X, be returned to Sharp Australia, as soon as possible,” Kerr said today in a letter to retailers.

“Please note, that only these mentioned models are affected, as other models use a different casing method.”

Kerr told that the problem with the foam casing was identified during a routine quality inspection last Friday afternoon.

“We found about a one-inch square of foam sponge in the casing which has slipped off and fallen into the unit. It is part of the normal quality inspection we undertake which includes taking the covers off the televisions as well as the boards which are screwed in. We also detect faults such as the tuner problems that other brands have been experiencing,” he said.

“As soon as we see an incidence of non-conformity such as this, we freeze stock immediately and we advise our retailers to stop selling the products until we can investigate the matter further.

“As a result, we asked retailers not to sell any of the 42-inch models over the weekend while we investigate the problem,” Kerr said.

“Sharp has decided to complete a 100 per cent inspection of all stock in both our own inventory and that of our business partners. Pending finalisation of this process and our investigation, we will be able to determine any additional action required.”