Compiled by Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: The focus is on the appliance industry today, as our look back at the biggest stories of the year takes in floorcare, kitchen and laundry major appliances and smalls.

For the first time in the history of its Australian operation, Dyson issued a precautionary recall on its DC05 Motorhead barrel model. ‘Precautionary’ was the key word here, with the fault being so minor that many consumers were able to continue using the vacuum without interruption.

The major issue was a plastic component on the DC05’s handle that, if removed, could expose three brass rings with the potential to conduct electricity.

“There should be no hazard if the machine is being used properly. We’ll also be sending everyone an overclamp so it won’t happen again,” said MD Ross Cameron at the time.

Due to the public’s understandable interest in product recall news, Dyson was not alone in experiencing interest in this type of news. LG Electronics was also in a cautious mood in early 2010, with the Korean supplier recalling six refrigerators due to the risk of minor electric shocks. Because users can’t go without fridges for very long, LG put together a generous compensation package to alleviate the inconvenience on affected customers.

Rick Hart stole headlines in 2010, and not just because of his involvement with Clive Peeters. The doyen of Western Australian appliance retail opened a new venture this year: Kitchen Headquarters. Most of the big names in appliances wanted to be a part of Kitchen HQ, but there was one noticeable absentee: Bosch. When found out why, readers flocked to the story for a brief insight into product ranging tactics.

As far as cultural phenomena goes, nothing beat MasterChef Australia in 2010. This TV program’s mix of charismatic cooks, epicurean delights and product placement smashed ratings records whilst promoting stacks of sponsors both within the show and in the ad breaks. broke down the show, minute-by-minute, and although it couldn’t really be called a ‘news story’, it was enough to be the fourth biggest appliance story of the year.

Although many of our readers complain about the presence of arch villain Ruslan Kogan on, the readership figures do not lie: he is the single most read individual on this website. In 2010, his thus far successful self branded strategy in the AV categories was transferred over to small appliances, with the online king announcing a new range of floorcare and coffee machine products.

Top Five Appliance Stories of 2010

1. Dyson Australia issues recall on DC05 Motorhead
2. LG recalls six refrigerators due to electric shock risk
3. Bosch’s brief retort to Rick Hart
4. MasterChef Australia BrandWatch: were you watching closely?
5. Watch out Dyson: Kogan set to invade small appliances

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