By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: After 17 days of uncertainty Tony Abbott has been pipped to the post by the Australian Labor Party, now back in position to uphold its election promise of a National Broadband Network (NBN).

Despite criticisms that the $46 billion project is an unacceptable liability for the taxpayer, the lightening fast technology is predicted to revolutionise any number of industries, including IPTV.

Stage one of the NBN rollout began two months ago in Tasmania.

Tony Davey from Clive Peeters at Moonah, Hobart, said the NBN will have a positive impact on national IPTV and computer sales.

“I think the NBN is going to be critical to IPTV. It’s not driving sales yet but the interest is there. I think most people probably realise we need the NBN for IPTV to be totally effective,” said Davey to this morning.

“The Coalition’s plan, we understand, was a watered down version.”

“With computer sales I would expect people to certainly want to upgrade to computers that can handle large bandwidth. The bigger the bandwidth the more content and better quality people get, that’s what it comes down to.”

“It’s [NBN] only really been going for a couple of months down here and it’s only in a couple of very small pockets, it’s not across the state yet though that’s the plan.”

“There are people using it and talking it up.”

“It certainly will definitely drive sales.”

Stephen Lew, from the same Clive Peeters store, said people were showing more interest in IPTV than 3D TVs.

“I find that more people are asking about IPTV than they are about 3D TV,” said Lew.

“There is a demand for it, there’s no question, and even in talking to a lot of the TV suppliers – they’re saying it’s a like a 50/50 between 3D and IPTV.”