By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY, NSW: The weather is heating up and so is the battle for the Australian living room with LG Electronics Australia’s Warren Kim today making the controversial call that Time Machine is the best TV for the Australian Summer and he says you can demonstrate why.

Warren Kim, LG Electronics Australia TV category manager, said that the Time Machine TV is “the best TV for the Australian Summer there are a few reasons why”.

“The PS80 integrated Time Machine model can record 23 hours of HD footage on its 250GB hard drive, so if you watch 3 hours of TV per day, it can record your entire week’s worth of your favourite programs.

“When you connect to the Time Machine Link on both the PS70 and PS80, you can expand your recordable memory up to 1 terabyte with an external storage drive. So when a lot of Australians go on holiday in Summer they can set it to record all their favourite shows. And Summer equals Cricket in Australia and the fact we have a pause, rewind and record functionality for live TV with Time Machine TVs, this also makes it the best TV for Summer.”

Kim says that the Time Machine is not just the best TV but also the best PVR as well.

“Compared to the PVR-like devices of some other brands, why is the LG Time Machine better? Firstly we have an integrated design and extendable capacity, so we’re not limited to 250GB. And there’s no additional cost, so you buy the TV and you get the PVR. And other PVR devices don’t allow you to search your recorded programs by thumbnail browser so you can find the exact scene you want to watch and jump straight to it.”

For retailers, Kim says that the Time Machine TVs offer an upsell opportunity that is easy to demonstrate and gives an advantage over other TVs on display.

“Time Machine offers retailers a hook that al lot of TVs lack these days because of similar features, but Time Machine offers retailers clearly demonstrable benefits. So they don’t have to talk theory, all they have to do is demonstrate pause and rewind TV and slow motion on live TV as well. So when you demonstrate these features, a lot of consumers are converted.

“And on top of this we’re giving away a Full HD 23-inch LCD TV — it’s Full HD TV so you can watch Blu-ray without compromising the picture quality.”