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Electrolux is launching Ultra Silencer Green, the world’s first vacuum cleaner made from recycled plastic.

  • Recycled plastic – 55% of the cleaner body is made from recycled plastic material.
  • Recyclable – 90% of total vacuum can be recycled.
  • Energy efficient – uses 33% less energy than a standard 2000w vacuum.
  • Low noise pollution – just 71 decibels
  • Healthy, hygienic environment friendly dust and dirt disposal.

Electrolux is launching Ultra Silencer Green. With 55% of the cleaner’s body plastic made from recycled materials, the new Ultra Silencer is only available in black. Ultra Silencer is one of world’s quietest vacuum cleaners and in its ‘green’ version also uses 33% less energy than the average 2000 watt vacuum cleaner.

The use of recycled plastic material not only determines the Ultra Silencer Green’s colour, but also reduces the energy used to manufacture the plastic components. The recycling process saves 90% of energy compared to the production of these pieces from virgin plastic. 56% of the paper packaging materials are recycled and 90% of the total vacuum cleaner can be recycled.

  • Energy efficient 1250w motor but with dust pick up of an average 2000w vacuum!

Ultra Silencer green is fitted with a new, 1250-watt motor that uses 33% less energy than a standard 2000W vacuum cleaner, while delivering the same dust pick-up performance, thanks to its design and a new ‘dust magnet ’ floor nozzle. Vacuuming one hour a week with a 2000W vacuum consumes 60% of the energy of a 5 star energy rated refrigerator on a weekly basis.

  • Low noise pollution – Just 71 decibels!

Like all Ultra Silencer models, the Ultra Silencer Green emits only 71 decibels, compared to the average vacuum cleaner’s 78 decibels. This was achieved by introducing a number of noise-reducing design features, which include an optimized air-flow system, super-efficient seals to reduce air leakage, special sound absorption material, a soft motor mounting and efficient floor nozzle design.

  • Healthy, hygienic and environment friendly dust and dirt disposal.

The Ultra Silencer Green comes with a s-bag™ “Classic” paper dust bag made of 100% pure cellulose which is the structural component of the cell wall of leaves, algae and other plant forms. Unlike synthetic dust bags, the Classic s-bag™ can be used for compost, reducing the need for landfill, and is supplied in a 100% recyclable cardboard box.

The s-bag™ “Classic” also has an automatic hygienic closing system and this feature coupled with Ultra Silencer Green’s washable and reusable HEPA H12 exhaust filter, removes allergens and other harmful particles, making the air that it emits cleaner than the surrounding air.

Ultra Silencer green offers ergonomic features designed to make vacuuming easier, including: 9m auto-reverse cord re-winder, telescopic tube, multi-function upholstery nozzle, soft wheels to protect hard floor surfaces, moveable carry handle to aid portability and light weight at only 5.4kg.

The new Ultra Silencer Green will be available in Australia in July at a RRP of $399.

For further information, please contact:

Bianca Speller
Marketing Manager
Electrolux Floor Care and Small Appliances
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