Exclusive by Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Freeview is currently investigating legal action against DViCO, and its local distributor, Also Technology, after a press release was sent yesterday advertising its new PVR, the M-6600N, as a Freeview-endorsed product. This product is not endorsed by the free-to-air television lobby group. Furthermore, neither DViCO or Also Technology are approved Freeview brands.

At yesterday’s launch function in Sydney, media who previewed the new PVR were told it was a Freeview-endorsed product. This is despite the unit featuring ad skipping technology that runs contra to Freeview standards. Media were also issued a press release featuring the Freeview logo amongst the insignia of various other supposedly compliant third parties.

Current.com.au this morning contacted Freeview, asking them whether this product was indeed compliant. We received the following response from CEO Robin Parkes.

“This company is not Freeview compliant. For a full list of Freeview compliant companies please go to the product manufacturer section of our web site at www.freeview.com.au.”

Following her advice, Current.com.au checked this list. As per Parkes’ direction, DViCO is not listed as a compliant supplier. From here, the repercussions for this false badging are unclear. It could be a simple apology and the removal of any misplaced Freeview logos. Alternatively, the promotion of a product through specious means is essentially misleading advertising, and DViCO and Also Technology could be in trouble with the ACCC and other consumer and media watchdogs.

Current.com.au has presented this information to Also Technology. We were told that at this stage, the distributor has no comment. Current.com.au will publish any response that is forthcoming.