Sony unveiled a huge range of new Handycam camcorders into their extensive line up last week, many of them with amazing new features like GPS tagging and improved Optical Active SteadyShot capabilities.

The three new additions to the HD Hard Disk Drive range have incorporated exciting new features to add to the already impressive top-of-the-line Handycams.

The built in GPS receiver, found in the HDR-XR520V, XR500V and the XR200V allow consumers to use the touch screen to view their current location on the LCD map display, as well as tag shooting locations.

Paul Colley, Sony technology communications manager, was very excited about this new feature and commented “whenever you record footage it tags your location, you can even find your videos on a map after you download them to your home computer, using the supplied Picture Motion Browser software to integrate with Google maps.”

As well as this, the new Handycams incorporate a new version of the Optical Active SteadyShot found in previous models.

The new upgraded technology offers a 10 times wider camera shake correction angle over conventional Optical Active SteadyShot technology, which means Sony’s new Handycams offer 10 times more stability when on the move, compared to previous models.

“We have taken the best and made it 10 times better,” said Colley.

These new additions are incorporated into an impressive line up for Sony in the Handycam category. Sony has released nine Handycams in total, covering both HD and SD categories, all with either HDD or Flash memory capabilities.

“The incorporation of advanced digital imaging features and unique Sony technologies ensure the Handycam range continues to lead the camcorder market,” said Di Shepherd, senior product manager for Handycam at Sony Australia.

“We’ve ensured the new Handycam models are built for enhanced recording flexibility with exceptional image performance.”