It seems the amount of people affected by the Kleenmaid collapse keeps growing and growing, some are even claiming they have been chasing the ‘elusive’ company for money well before the collapse.

One of the more interesting responses has received over the last few days came from a repair company who has apparently been chasing Kleenmaid for an unpaid account for nearly a year.

“I have been chasing Kleenmaid since May 2008, for a $900 account being for a warranty repair that we performed for their company,” he said.

“I found the directors to be extremely elusive; they came up with a different excuse every week as to why the account wasn’t paid,” he said. “Never at any stage did I get the feeling that the company would make good the debt.”

He also expressed that the claims made that the company was apparently trading whilst insolvent is very believable.

“I hope that if this proves to be correct, that these guys do some jail time.”

Yesterday it was revealed a customer was still awaiting $20,000 worth of appliances from Kleenmaid, this has been topped with another consumer telling that they are still yet to receive over $26,000 worth of goods.

“I paid $26,000 for kitchen appliances I never received. I’m in a situation now where I am going to have to purchase more appliances. It’s very frustrating not being able to get any answers,” he said.

In addition, a customer who purchased Kleenmaid products in June 2006 is also now uncertain about her goods, as she was building a house and was told the goods can be kept in storage until she needs them. Since the collapse it is unknown if she will ever receive her products, which were paid for almost three years ago.