SYDNEY: Casio today introduced two new 7.2 megapixel Exilim digital still cameras, the Exilim EX-Z700 and the ultra-slim Exilim EX-S770.

The Exilim EX-Z700 (RRP $549) is available in four colours and features a 2.7-inch Super Bright LCD screen with 1,200cd/m2 brightness, which Casio claims makes it easy to read in daylight.

The Z700 incorporates Casio’s new Auto Framing picture mode, which keeps dynamic subjects like playing children at the centre of the photograph by employing Casio-developed ‘auto follow’ technology. According to Casio, in Auto Framing mode a thin, outlined frame appears on the LCD centred on the moving subject of the photo. The area within this frame indicates the image which will be saved when the shutter is fully depressed.

The Z700 features the new Layout Shooting mode, which allows users to merge photos of friends taken with the same scenic backdrop into one layered image.

The slimline S770 (RRP $699) allows PC data such as business documents, emails and web pages to be converted to Jpegs and stored on the camera to be transported.

The Z700 also features the new Past Movie mode, which ensures the user always captures the moment by maintaining a five second recording buffer to save video five seconds before the user presses the shutter button.

Both models are available this month.