Fujifilm Australia has just rolled out its latest digital imaging business model, showcasing what the company calls the “next evolution of in-store printing”.

Dave Marshall, Fujifilm Australia managing director, commented how the introduction of 15 new DPC XTR sit-down photo booth kiosks at a retailer in Queensland, will help cater for the increased demand from consumers.

“The latest digital imaging business model takes photo services to the next evolution in the retail industry by incorporating cutting edge technology that will accommodate consumer demand and also deliver a sophisticated business solution,” he said.

The new sit-down kiosks are being implemented due to the increasing amount of time consumers are now taking when processing photos, Marshal discussed this further.

“While customers are spending longer periods of time in-store to create their photo books and photo gifts, they also print significantly more. Sit-down kiosks are a natural progression to accommodate this growing demand.”

The introduction of a 19-inch flat panel screen and built-in keyboard is promised to help customers be comfortable when making their decisions, as well as providing them with the most up to date technology and software.

Marshall also mentioned how Fujifilm kiosks are now one of the most popular methods used by consumers to order photographs in Australian retail stores, and currently there are more than 6,000 Fujifilm kiosks in operation throughout the country.