TEAC Australia has just announced that it has made three new appointments to the company, in attempts to further strengthen the brand and achieve growth.

The first of the new appointments at TEAC is former LG national sales manager, Phillip David, who will take over the role as product marketing manager for Victoria.

David will be responsible for developing TEAC’s audio and accessories business and will work very closely with TEAC’s marketing team.

Senior product and marketing manager, Daniel Seow, acknowledged David’s strong sales record and management background in consumer electronics and IT.

“In these challenging times, we have been very strategic by appointing Phillip as part of our critical marketing team. We believe that his impressive skills and experience have much to contribute to TEAC Australia’s future ambitions,” he said.

The second addition to the TEAC team is James Knowles, who will now become account manager for NSW.

In his new role Knowles will work closely with the NSW sales manager, Mark Fazio, in an effort to broaden sales opportunities with agents in NSW.

“New South Wales is important to our sales success and having someone who would retain and build upon our customer growth of 8 per cent  is vital in this tough economic climate,” commented Fazio.

TEAC’s final appointment is of Danielle McGrath as account manager for Queensland.

Tony Lee, Queensland sales manager, was very enthusiastic about this appointment and commented, “Danielle has some great sales skills which will be put to good use in her new role at TEAC Australia”.

These three new appointments come after an announcement made today outlining that TEAC claims it is seeing an increase in demand for its electronic products and is set to meet budgets for the first quarter of 2009.