Every year, America’s biggest brands outdo themselves to create the most extravagant, ridiculous and entertaining advertisements to air during the Super Bowl… and they pay millions of dollars for the privilege.

This year, in amongst the beer commercials and the standard Coca Cola fare, UnderCurrent spotted a delightful little spot for American Electrical retailer RadioShack. Part of the American retailing landscape for almost a century, the brand is certainly established, but as many Australian retailers would no doubt understand, a long history can sometimes lead to a tired looking brand.

The idea of giving RadioShack an overhaul certainly piqued our interest — we wonder whether there are any tired-looking retail stores around our shores that could do with a similar makeover.

Take a look for yourself, it’s definitely worth a laugh…

(Hat tip to RadioShack for the Loverboy soundtrack and for launching a dedicated ’80s RadioShack website to match the TV spot).