During Vivid festival.

For the first time, Samsung Electronics Australia is an official partner of the Vivid Sydney festival with an experience that will change the face of amusement park, Luna Park, using the technology of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones.

At ‘The Night. Reimagined.’ participants will have the opportunity to turn their selfie into a personalised AR Emoji that will be projected on to and become the new face of Luna Park. Only nine times in its 83-year history has the iconic face of Luna Park changed its appearance, and this marks the first time it will be been done with a digital emoji.

Located on the Sydney Opera House Forecourt, ‘The Night. Reimagined.’ is a two-storey, 9-shaped labyrinth, featuring two kilometres of LED strip lights within a spiralling aperture structure.

Visitors will be taken on a 90-metre unique light and sensory voyage, choosing between two different pathways on entry. The first journey will introduce participants to the AR Emoji and Slow-mo redefined features of the Samsung S9 and S9+, while the second leads visitors on an immersive audio light and soundscape experience.

Attendees will walk away with a digital souvenir pack with images and selfies from the activation, including their own AR Emoji on Luna Park and / or their bespoke slow-mo video.

Samsung Australia vice president of IT and mobile, Garry McGregor said, “Samsung is all about creating epic moments that use our technology to defy barriers and to do things they never thought possible.

“There’s no better place to showcase the power of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ than at one of Australia’s largest and most exciting events: Vivid Sydney. What we’re doing at Luna Park and the Sydney Opera House Forecourt is truly unique and I encourage everyone to come and experience it for themselves.”

Vivid Sydney creative director, Ignatius Jones added, “It won’t be long before Vivid Sydney attendees get to make history by becoming the new faces of Sydney’s iconic Luna Park. Vivid Sydney is about finding new ways for technology, art and innovation to gloriously come together, and with this installation, Samsung has really delivered.”