Westinghouse and Julie Goodwin owner of Julie’s Place cooking school has teamed up with stylist, Morrison Polkinghorne, to create the ultimate guide to cooking and gift wrapping this Christmas. Badged the Really Clever Christmas, the guide features quick solutions for Christmas baking and gift wrapping.

Westinghouse, national brand and trade marketing manager,  Richelle Barker  said  Christmas should be about more fun times with the family and less stress on yourself.

Julie Goodwin

“When it comes to the kitchen, the Westinghouse team is always looking at how we can solve real-life problems to make life easier. The opportunity to team up with Julie Goodwin of Julie’s Place is another great way to help busy families with their Christmas kitchen-duties. With our clever features helping Australian families for over 60 years, families can focus on spending more quality time with the ones they love and enjoy a truly memorable Christmas, hassle-free,”  she said.

Here is Westinghouse, Julie and Morrison’s guide to a Really Clever Christmas:

Julie’s tips for a wonderful Christmas lunch

  1. Don’t be a slave. If you don’t want to slave over a hot stove in the middle of summer – don’t do it! A stunning glazed ham (done a day or two before Christmas), some cold seafood, beautiful salads and a lovely chilled dessert are a true reflection of our Aussie summer Christmas.
  2. A family affair. If the whole extended families are coming to your place, get them to bring something. One person doing everything is no fun for that person – everyone pitching in a little bit means a relaxed happy day for all.
  3. Preparation, preparation, preparation. Do as much ahead of time as you can – you want to enjoy Christmas! Any preparation of food that can be done in the days leading up to the big event will save time, stress and mess on the day.
  4. Creating a stunning Christmas table is easy. Choose one or two theme colours and go from there. For me, the highlight of Christmas lunch is the food. I love to serve lunch banquet-style, so the food is the centerpiece on the table and everyone can help themselves to the feast.
  5. Remember to relax and enjoy the day. Christmas is about being with the people you love, not about perfection. It’s about celebrating a special time of year and reflecting on the importance of family, friends and community in our lives. Food disaster on Christmas day? Just a funny story for next year. Forget perfection, be happy and have a joyful and fun-filled Christmas.


Master the art of gift wrapping with Morrison Polkinghorne

  1. Embrace imperfection. When it comes to wrapping use what you have, says Morrison. If your paper is crushed, crush it some more and enhance the distressed nature. Keep it very “wabi-sabi”; this is a Japanese term centered on the acceptance of imperfection. Alternatively you can iron crushed paper to give it distinct pleats but please don’t try to make it perfect and new, let it age.
  2. The world is your wrapper. If you’re not one for tradition and you are after a more cosmopolitan feel, bring back a local newspaper when you’re travelling overseas to wrap your gifts.
  3. DIY. The finishing touches really make a beautifully wrapped present stand out. If you can’t find any ribbon, make your own decorative string by twisting colourful twines together. These little handmade touches stand out a mile and creating something bespoke is the most generous and beautiful gift you can give.


Tips from Westinghouse to ensure a fuss-free day for the cook

  1. Christmas Cheer. With the party in full swing, no one wants to get stuck in the kitchen! With the Westinghouse induction cooktop range, the Pause button will ensure meals won’t get ruined by your ‘merry-making.’ Simply press the button and all heat zones will lower to a simmer while you’re away; press it again when you’re back and all the different temperatures will return to as they were.
  2. Get the mileage out of leftovers. Plenty of food usually means plenty of leftovers! The Westinghouse oven ‘steam reheat function’ is the easiest way to re-heat your holiday ham for that perfect lunchtime sandwich the next day. Leftover meat also makes an excellent filling for pies, tarts and curries.
  3. Make room for the feast. When you’re cooking for the masses, fridge space is key. The Westinghouse FlexSpace™ Refrigeration range is built to adapt to your Christmas needs, with easy sliding doors and movable dividers