50 years in business.

Leading Edge Group member, Home and Office Electronics in Mudgee is located approximately 270km north-west of Sydney. The original business commenced in 1922. Current owners, Darryl and Phillipa Adams are now celebrating 50 years in business.

At the recent Leading Edge Group conference, Darryl and Phillipa were acknowledged with an achievement recognition award presented by Leading Edge Electronics national group manager, James Kearney (pictured below), as a small token of appreciation for the couple’s dedicated retail service to their local community.

“We have always enjoyed the challenge of being leaders in the introduction of new technology to our local area and solving the problems that new technology brings customers, many of whom feel confused by the change,” Darryl told Appliance Retailer.

When the couple took over the business, they sold and serviced equipment manufactured in Australia, the UK or the US, but today they sell a much wider range of product, mostly manufactured in China.

“We commenced with radio, record and cassette players. Then, very poor black and white TV reception from Sydney (270km away), that faded away to snow at unpredictable times. Today the range of technical consumer electronics is enormous and increasing in number and complexity,” he said.

Home and Office Electronics sells a vast array of products from categories including speakers, headphones, party equipment, CCTV and surveillance, automotive and mobile security, passive, active and electromechanical components, among others. The retailer is also an authorised stockist of Jaycar Electronics.

Home and Office Electronics store today

So how have market trends evolved over time?

“For many customers, particularly those in the 50 and over age group, the rapid rise in technology for the home and mobile communication can result in confusion for many. Unfortunately the marketplace trumpets the wonderful new technology as simple functionality but unfortunately, it is not obvious for all. We have a large and loyal customer base, many of whom we have served for several years. This kind of loyalty is unusual in today’s retail-world. Perhaps, a more country town phenomenon.

“Whilst health and strength continue, so will we. Advances in new technology and support for the existing technology will always present opportunities for us. We have no fear of any threats. Anyhow we see none. Some customers may be attracted to Amazon and the like, but they come back to us when answers are needed. Amazon doesn’t sell answers,” he said.