Cleaning windows – or any type of glass for that matter – isn’t the most enjoyable job so assigning the task to a robot would be a no-brainer, right?

For those wanting a no-fuss professional result, look no further than the HOBOT S2.

The latest addition to the HOBOT robotic window cleaning range comes with several upgrades including a dual auto ultrasonic spray, improved 6.5kg of suction power, voice prompts and over the air (OTA) software updates.

In addition to the unit, you’ll find a power cable, additional machine washable polishing pads, and a bottle of window cleaning detergent in the box. There is also a remote control for users who prefer to control the HOBOT S2 in this way, instead of using the accompanying app.

Interestingly the app just replicates the remote with the following commands – change the direction, stop cleaning, clean twice, spray water, and turn the water spray function on or off. I think there is potential for more functionality to be added in the future.

There is also a start/pause button on the unit for it to automatically use the same settings as the previous clean.

Once plugged into power and positioned on the window, the robot should do a ‘dry clean’ first to wipe dust and dirt off the glass and then a ‘wet clean’ utilising the spray function. To avoid water stains, it is recommended to use the HOBOT S2 on sunny days or days with low humidity.

With 6.5kg of force, the HOBOT S2 sticks to the window like glue while loosening dirt and sucking up dust and impurities on the glass with the ability to move in vertical and horizontal orientations. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, the HOBOT S2 calculates the cleaning path in a zig zag or N shape trajectory.

The specially formulated window detergent is converted into fine mist to dissolve dust and polish windows without leaving behind watermarks.

Thanks to voice prompts, you know when the robot is ready to be taken down from the window or needs more cleaning solution.

A screw lock connector prevents the power plug from being disconnected and a 4.5 metre safety rope with 150kg breaking strength provides additional security when cleaning windows on upper levels.

For further peace of mind, an internal uninterrupted power system (UPS) means the HOBOT S2 will stay connected to the window for 20 minutes while sounding an alarm if the power goes out or the plug is disconnected.

The HOBOT S2 can be used on all thickness of glasses and a range of surface types beyond glass, including tiles, marble, and walls.


The HOBOT S2 is a nifty robot that uses logical cleaning sequences to glides across surfaces with ease, leaving a streak-free finish that is often difficult to achieve when cleaning by hand. Although most consumers have gotten used to controlling smart products from an app on their phone, the remote control is a clever inclusion and ensures the unit can be controlled by anyone in the household. For just $580 (or special promo price of $499), the HOBOT S2 is worth the investment, particularly for those living in larger homes or those who were considering a professional home cleaner.

Score 8.5/10