There are various hybrid robotic vacuums on the market that offer both vacuum and mop capabilities. While most robots do a respectable clean when vacuuming, they fall short on mopping performance – they pick up surface dust but are unable to provide a deep clean for more stubborn stains and spills.

This is where the HOBOT LEGEE 7 comes in.

Retailing at $845 (currently available at a special promotional price of $670), the LEGEE 7 has been designed with mopping front and centre, without compromising on vacuuming capabilities.

Setting up the LEGEE 7 was very simple – just download the app, set up an account and follow the prompts to get started.

But what was more impressive was the inclusions in the box. There is a waterproof plastic mat that sits under the robot charging dock, designed to protect the floor when the robot has the mop pads on between use. However, it is recommended to take off the cloths after cleaning and it comes with an additional set of cloths for the front and rear. All pads have velcro for easy placement and removal.

Another welcome addition was the LEGEE detergent (some other robots use water alone) and supplied bottle with spout that makes filling the water tank a breeze without the need to remove it from inside the robot.

Now let’s move onto the clean.

Utilising a unique navigation system, LEGEE SLAM, the robot cleans the floor in 4.4 x 4.4 square metre sequence to optimise the run time and make the clean more efficient. The navigation system incorporates Lidar, Encoder, Gyro, E-compass and Position Estimation with an advanced LDS sensor that collects highly accurate information to ensure the optimal route is undertaken.

Observing the LEGEE 7 manoeuvre around my home, it was efficient and seamless avoiding any obstacles that came in its way with no collisions. As with other robots, it was unable to get into smaller nooks and crannies due to its size, but that was expected.

With a four-stage cleaning process, the robot starts with a vacuum at 2,700PA (more power than most competitor products), then dry mopping to remove loose dust and dirt, followed by water spray from four jets to break up stains and dirt, and lastly wet mopping with scrubbing action for the final clean.

The LEGEE 7 features rubber caterpillar track wheels that maintain traction when the floor is damp, unlike competitor products that warn you not to use high water flow levels due to the risk of slipping.

There are eight cleaning modes to choose from including a dedicated and exclusive patented stain mode which sees the LEGEE 7 apply 1.8kg of pressure when mopping and scrubs the floor up to 900 times per minute. Other modes include standard, strong, eco, pet, custom, dry and polish.

As for the product software, the LEGEE 7 app is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to choose the Talent Clean mode and with the custom option, you can select the spray level of water, vacuum level, mopping frequency and cleaning speed.

In the app, you can also monitor the size of the area it has cleaned, how many minutes it has spent cleaning and the battery status. At the end of the clean, the robot automatically returns to the charging dock.

With voice prompts, LEGEE 7 keeps you informed of what it is doing, whether it’s starting a schedule or low on water.


Step aside conventional mops because there’s a new robot ready to take your mopping to the next level and leave your floors sparkling. The LEGEE 7 takes the hassle out of manual labour and puts more time back into your day. It performed beyond my expectations with not only its superior mopping proficiency but its vacuum performance. For less than $850, the LEGEE 7 is sure to outclass most of its competitors.

Score 9/10