By Claire Reilly

At UnderCurrent, we’re always keeping our eyes open for good bargains. So although Game going into administration is sad news for the Australian retail landscape, it does mean there are some great bargains to be found.

The retailer’s website is advertising a pre-owned console sale, with huge reductions off the recommended retail price of consoles and hardware – more than 50 per cent off in some cases.

For example an Xbox Kinect accessory which would normally retail for $199.95 at the store is selling for only $79. It’s a similar story for the Xbox itself which has a web-only price of $449 at Game, but a pre-owned price of $289. Bargain!

Game's competitive pre-owned console pricing.

But hang on a minute, I’m sure this won’t be good news for everybody. One reader of contacted us today to say that he’d traded in his Xbox, his Kinect and several games just last week, only to be given a $70 store credit.

$70? That’s not even enough to buy back his Kinect.

It’s alright though. He also reported that thanks to tight restrictions put in place by Game’s administrators, PricewaterhouseCoopers, he was told that he will need to spend four times the value of his $70 voucher in order to redeem it. That means adding $210 of his own cash in order to be able to use his credit voucher.

So that brings him up to $280. Great!

But he’s still $9 short if he wants to buy back the original Xbox he dropped in last week.