By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Linophir International Pty Ltd has changed its name to Westwell Australia Pty Ltd. All brands that were distributed by Linophir International — Olin, Aigo, Netac and Desay — will still be distributed by Westwell Australia.

The tag-line for the new company logo is, ‘Connecting East to West’. Westwell announced that the name change reflects a global change for the company.

“As our parent company in China is promoting a uniform world image, it has been decided to change all company names to Westwell in their country of business,” said Westwell operations director, Michelle Jin.

“Hence in Australia, we will now been known as Westwell Australia Pty Ltd, and the names of our subsidiary companies in Hong Kong have been changed accordingly.

“Now Westwell is able to communicate efficiently with factories, logistics and distribution channels throughout the world under the one company name.”

Jin also said that the new logo indicated the company’s “determination to showcase the best of Asian technology and premium product quality to the world.”

Jin also revealed a cultural significance in the new spelling.

“In Chinese, the letter ‘W’ represents our ongoing aspiration for better performance in a win-win situation.”