By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Bing Lee has signed a sponsorship deal with the Sydney Swans AFL team, becoming a premier partner for the next three years.

Bing Lee chief executive Lionel Lee said the three-year deal was due to the team’s renowned strong family supporter-base and universal appeal across Sydney.

“The partnership fits perfectly with Bing Lee’s family values and the desire to succeed. The sponsorship offers a platform for Bing Lee to continue working with progressive sporting organisations and their members; we are proud to be involved with one of Sydney’s leading sporting teams.”

"Bing Lee has become one of NSW’s largest electrical retailers with a strong brand presence and we are excited to form this alliance with the Sydney Swans who are an integral part of the Sydney landscape,” Lee said.

Sydney Swans chief executive Myles Byron-Hay said he was “delighted” to partner with Bing Lee.

“We look forward to working with them to grow and enhance what is a very successful business,” he said.

“Bing Lee and the Swans have much in common – we’re both very Sydney and both share a focus on family. Bing Lee is obviously a family business whose principal clients are families. The Swans are a family-friendly club, welcoming both men and women, the young and the old where ever you live. We welcome Bing Lee to the red and white family.”

Bing Lee’s latest deal adds to the list of other Sydney-centric sponsorships, including the 2007 partnership with Taronga Zoo, sponsoring the endangered Francois Langur monkeys.