By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Distributors Westwell yesterday introduced its new Azentek-branded range of in-car personal computers. These PCs, which run off Windows Vista, provide GPS navigation, an entertainment hub and a raft of PC-based applications, including Outlook and Office, to car users and their passengers.

Three in-car units were launched at the event: the Azentek SmartMirror, CPC-1200 and CPC-1100.

The SmartMirror is a replacement rearview mirror application with integrated GPS navigation. It has a 4-inch LCD monitor, Bluetooth functionality and complete reversing camera. Additional features include 400Mhz processor, 64MB of internal memory, 2GB SD card, voice prompted directions, intuitive menus and points of interest.

Westwell claims this is the only satellite navigation device that can legally be fixed to the windshield.

The Azentek CPC-1200 and CPC-1100 are fully in-built car PCs. Both models run off Vista with an Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz processor and they have a 160GB hard drive with 1GB DIMM memory. They are Bluetooth enabled, HD and satellite radio ready, and have integrated FM and digital TV tuners. The 1200 model has a 6.5-inch LCD touch screen, whereas the 1100 model carries a 7-inch LCD touch screen. A keyboard or mouse can be connected through the USB port or wirelessly.

For the amateur car enthusiast, the 1100 model also has an optional car diagnostics passage.

“The Azentek in-car technologies are ground-breaking products which provide the highest quality features ever offered in automotive computer systems,” said Westwell Australian operations director Michelle Jin. “This award-winning technology is the future of in-car entertainment and we expect strong uptake in the local marketplace.”

These products can only be purchased through car specialty shops and JB Hi-Fi. The channel is currently restricted as Westwell is determined to ensure that all Azentek in-car PCs are installed professionally.

The Azentek SmartMirror will be available in November for RRP $1,499. The CPC-1200 and CPC-1100 will be available in December. Although no price has been formerly announced, Westwell yesterday quoted an approximate RRP of $4,500, plus around $450 for installation.