By Claire Reilly

Aside from the usual ramp up to Christmas in retail, Lexar is also gearing up for back-to-school sales of its digital memory devices with a new consumer promotion.

Consumers who purchase a Lexar USB product from any retailer between 1 January and 29 February 2012 will be in the draw to win one of eight Acer Iconia A501 Tablets (RRP $679), drawn weekly from 1 January 2012, as well of one of 60 Amazon Kindle WiFis (RRP $139), drawn daily from 1 January.

“Although Christmas is hot on the consumer's mind right now, retailers should also be looking ahead to the back-to-school period as students will start a new year at the end of January, 2012,” said a Lexar spokesperson.

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“Whilst Back-to-School promotions in past years have focused on the sale of pens, pencils, folders and exercise books, in this new digital era, parents and their children will be looking for gadgets and technological devices that will ensure a smooth transition in to the new school year.

“USBs are a necessity for students nowadays as assignments are performed on computers at school, in the library, at home or maybe even during their commute. Working in all these areas means that students will need a reliable and easy way to transfer data between each physical location.”

The promotion is open to all retailers stocking Lexar USB products and, according to Lexar's spokesperson, “participating retailers will be provided with direct marketing collateral which will drive sales, capturing impulse buyers at the registers due to the low-cost, add-on nature of USB drives."

A sample of the in-store signage that will be used to promote the competition.