Hitachi has unveiled its new Designer Series refrigerators with French Door and Bottom Mount models available from this month.

The new refrigerators reflect the company’s focus on achieving a balance between function and form, according to Hitachi marketing manager, Mark Beard.

“The primary purpose of a refrigerator is to keep food fresher for longer and the kitchen has become the hub of the home with the refrigerator as the focal point, often used for shopping lists or messages between household members,” he told Appliance Retailer.

“People are spending more time at home, so they are investing in the kitchen, particularly on the back of property market growth. Many consumers who have purchased a stainless steel fridge in the past are now open to something different and for us, we are pushing glass as an ideal alternative.”

The 640VT0X French Door refrigerator (RRP $3,799) is available in frosted matte white and mirror glass. With a 638L capacity, it features a 121L selectable zone that can be customised to four different modes – refrigerator (3 degrees Celsius), chill (1 degree Celsius), soft freeze (-3 degrees Celsius) or freezer (-18 to -20 degrees Celsius).

A human sensor responds to movement by illuminating the handle lighting for a smart and luxurious glow. A feature in the new Designer Series, which was first introduced in the Hitachi Made in Japan range, is Auto Door technology that opens a door at the touch of a button or opens two doors simultaneously using a slide motion.

The vacuum compartment, also found in the Made in Japan range, is designed to preserve food freshness, retain nutrients and moisture, as well as create faster permeation for shorter cooking times. This compartment is suitable for various foods including cheese, fruit, meat, and fish.

The RS38KPT Bottom Mount refrigerator (RRP $1,499) was awarded an iF Design Award 2020 and is available in champagne (pictured above) and brilliant black.

With a 404L capacity, it features a double deck freezer compartment, slide out fresh chilled room and moisture-guard vegetable compartment. There is also a triple power filter for powerful deodorisation, bright energy saving LED light and an automatic ice maker.