With launch of 80-inch model.

Hisense has launched its new 80-inch L5 laser TV in Beijing, ahead of the much-anticipated World Cup, at an RRP of 19,999 yuan (A$4,160). The technology used in the TV aims to solve two major pain points for laser TV – lack of image brightness and hefty price tags.

The L5 laser TV comes with 400 nit brightness, a substantial increase over all existing laser models, as well as a new generation custom-made Danish DNP high gain anti-light hard screen, enabling a clear picture display no matter how bright the surrounding light.

As the TV is powered by a reflective light source, the screen can be viewed comfortably even when sitting as close as 3 meters, greatly reducing the amount of living space required.

The new VIDAA artificial intelligence (AI) system is equipped with automatic sports mode, star recognition and screenshot sharing.

In a company statement, Hisense said, “The launch of Hisense L5 laser TV is expected to usher in a trend of large-scale replacement of TVs in Chinese households. Hisense expects laser television to become the big disruptor in the home theatre market for 2018.”