Hisense head of marketing, Gideon Lui has shared how innovation in the TV category and advancements in smart home connectivity will help shape the brand’s proposition for the 12 months ahead, backed by growing global investment and an unwavering focus on elevating the brand to premium status – but with value remaining top of mind.

On the back of CES in Las Vegas, Lui called out key statistics from the Hisense press conference that are being leveraged and revamped in local conversations.

“Hisense now operates in 160 countries – showing continual growth and expansion of the brand – not only locally, but globally as well. We’re investing in research and development (R&D) with over 25 R&D centres worldwide – again showing how much we value innovation to give us that leading edge advantage in every category we are in – and our global team continues to grow with over 100,000 staff members,” he told Appliance Retailer.

“In line with this, throughout CES, we felt a lot of support from our retail partners with positive feedback from our sales team. Our range is incredibly exciting – bigger, brighter and better than ever – as we continue our pursuit of being premium but attainable.

“A key call out within our TV range is that in 2024, we will be offering three models that are 100-inch and above – aligning with demand for larger screens and where we see the market heading. Our flagship UX 110-inch model will be available in Australia later this year.

“In the laser category, we are going beyond the frame of a panel with the launch of our long-throw C1 TriChroma Laser Mini Projector – joining our ultra short throw offering – which delivers a screen size ranging from 65-inch up to 300-inch, suitable for any setting in the home.

“Beyond product, as a premium household name, we are having discussions around connectivity and advancements of ConnectLife and its integration into our VIDAA operating system to deliver a fully integrated ecosystem across product categories. Hisense has products for every room of the home so it’s about how we can link and integrate them to work seamlessly.

“Hisense owns the capabilities of ConnectLife and VIDAA – it’s hardware and software that work in harmony. There’s no reliance on a third party because the goal is united within the control of the brand, to always innovate to give the best experience.

“We will continue to push and demonstrate the innovation that comes through R&D, the convenience of the premium features we bring to market, the sustainability story that we see through the laser category especially, but also environmental concerns around energy efficiencies in how we continue to bring products that ‘make sense’ for people in this cost living crisis.

“We’re bringing technology to the market that we haven’t seen before – no one has seen before – so it’s about being premium yet still attainable and aligning with our brand platform, Just Makes Sense. We’re giving more options for going bigger in the TV category, but in the background, we have an enormous fleet of ConnectLife enabled products, knowing that integrated living is the way of the future.”